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About Neo

BreedFlatcoated Retriever
NameC.I.E. KBHV-12 SE U(U) CH Flatterhaft New Year Resolution
BreederAnneli Karlsson, Olsfors (Kennel Flatterhaft)
FatherNO UCH NORD V-07 SE U(U)CH Branchalwood Aylancoll (Colin)
MotherSE U(U)CH Flatterhaft Nissan Micra (Micra)
ColourBBEE (only black)
HDGrad A
EDUA (0)
EyesCataract, partial anterior cortex Y-seam, mild
Height61 cm
Field Trial2:e price beginners class

3:e price beginners class
Blood Tracking;Approved trial

1:st price open class
IPO;Approved mental test
Dog showsC.I.E. (2014-01-06)

Swedish Champion (2009-02-08)

KBHV-12 (Copenhagen Winner 2012)

4 x CACIB (2012-06-17 DK, 2012-10-20 PL, 2013-11-02 DK, 2014-01-06 SE)

1 x R-CACIB (2014-06-08 SE)

3 x CAC (2008-04-05, 2008-06-29, 2009-02-08)

1 x Polish CAC (2012-10-20)

1 x Danish CAC (2013-11-02)

4 x BIS-Jakt (SSRK) (BIS for dogs with WCC)


3 x BIS-3 (SSRK)


1 x BIS-BOS-2 (SSRK)

1 x BOG (SSRK)

8 x BOB (SKK & SSRK) (2010-10-24, 2011-08-27, 2012-08-12, 2012-11-10, 2013-05-26, 2013-08-25, 2014-02-09, 2014-08-31)

8 x BOS (SKK & SSRK) (2009-02-08, 2009-03-01, 2010-05-29, 2011-07-03, 2012-04-14, 2012-08-26, 2013-07-06, 2014-01-06)

1 x BOB (DKK) (2013-11-02)

1 x BOS (DKK) (2012-06-17)

96 CC

BOB puppy II (SKK)

member in BIS winning Sibling group with Branchalwood Aylancoll (SKK Borås)

member in several BIS winning breeders groups (SSRK & SKK)
MiscellaneousBlood donor at Västra Djursjukhuset in Gothenburg

Neo is our second Flat Coated Retriever. He came to us in the spring of 2007 when he was 4.5 months old. We really had no plan for dog number two just yet but our Torkel needed a friend. Since Torkel is a Flat in the more energetic end of the scale, we wanted a bit more relaxed and calm friend to not bid up the energy level even more. Neo fitted perfectly into this request. His age of just over 4.5 months suited us fine.

We borrowed Neo from our breeder for a 2 week test to see if everything worked well at home. The meeting with Torkel was excellent and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Neo comes from a litter with a total of 6 puppies (4 males and 2 females). However, only Neo and his sister Anno are seen on the shows and field trials. Anno has both hunting merit, CC at a show and approved abilities in tracking. Neo has to date principally distinguished himself as a show dog with Champion, BIS-3,  2 BOB and 5 BOS as the main merits. The fact that the exhibition has gone so well is perhaps not so surprising when his father was one of Sweden’s most winning flatcoats.

Neo is a calm and peaceful at home. But just as quickly alert if he’s offered fun and games.

As a working dog, he is very careful, calm and collected. He is very talented with his nose as seen in the blood tracking and cold game tests. He is quickly “at work” and is very responsive and has a lot of “will to please.” He is spontaneous at all types of game and is excellent at both picking game up and drop them off. Improvement area right now is the speed the returning with the game.

Visually, he is a medium sized, clearly masculine and gender-marked male. He has wonderful dark eyes framed by tight eyelids. The bite is a correct scissors bite, and he has well-set ears. He has rich, very dark, glossy and beautiful coat with nice deep black color that follow the body well. He moves with great drive and is very graceful in his movements from the the side, parallel and nice from behind. The front movement could be a little more tight. Neo has the most adorable small (almost cat sized) paws.

Initially, Neo was primarily planned as a companion and show dog, but his sensitivity and “will to please” has also made us start training field trial training. How long this takes us is too early to say but we feel that a price in the Beginner class is within reach.